“The Florida House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday to add the drug fentanyl and other dangerous synthetic opioids to Florida’s drug trafficking statute, clearing the way for law enforcement and prosecutors to pursue stricter punishment against the sellers of the drugs, including felony murder charges in the case of an overdose death.

Dr. Eftekhari and his work with Synthetic Drugs

Dr. Eftekhari believes people need to know that by taking these drugs they are playing Russian Roulette. He said people buying street level pills have no idea what’s in them.”

Nephrologist Dr. Parham Eftekhari has dedicated a big part of his life to the fight against Synthetic Drugs and keeps doing this. Everything started with a patient that came to the office with Kidney issues and was close to death because of Synthetic Drugs intake.

Thank you Dr. Parham Eftekhari for dedicating your life to keep everyone healthy.