About Us

Florida Kidney Physicians is a Florida-based team of top-notch nephrologists committed to providing high-quality medical care to patients with a wide range of kidney disease and hypertension. The doctors at FKP have a long history of success. Combined, they have over 400 years of experience with a variety of sub-specializations. Their collective experience, pooled resources, and sophisticated patient data provide each patient with the most comprehensive care available. Through collaboration, a true continuum of caring is realized. Florida Kidney Physicians provides treatment ranging from general nephrology and hypertension, to dialysis and transplant care. These caring physicians and their staff are committed to going beyond basic care—by partnering with patients and improving lifestyles, they are creating hope for patients by slowing down or even curing kidney disease and hypertension.

The dynamic structure at Florida Kidney Physicians allows for a smooth continuity of care, providing more resources for patients, and unparalleled accessibility. With 13 locations across the Tampa Bay area and Southeast Florida, there is an office location near you. FKP Doctors are affiliated with 26 different hospitals across the state. Collaboration and collective resources allow the team to provide the highest quality care for kidney related illness and hypertension. The increasing geographic accessibility allows patients to find a location close to where they live or work. By joining FKP, patients gain access to a sophisticated network of dedicated physicians committed to improving the lives of their patients in the broadest sense.

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