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April 16, 2021
Living Kidney Donation
Getting the word out about living kidney donation is a constant process. If you are an advocate for living donation, keep ...
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April 5, 2021
Workgroup to examine use of race-based adjustment to kidney calculation
We are proud to share that the FKP Nephrologist, Dr. Alveranga is part of a workgroup to examine use of ...
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April 1, 2021
Save lives! Register to be an organ donor today
By Junaid Ahmed208, MD Kidney transplantation, whether using organs from deceased or living donors, has been well established as the ...
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January 8, 2021
Dr. M. Raza Mustafa shares with us some great news.
Dr. M. Raza Mustafa shares with us the excellent news of the South Florida Transplant Center at Broward Health Medical ...
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December 15, 2020
United Network now approves Broward Health for Organ Sharing to offer Kidney Transplant.
According to the National Kidney Foundation, 100,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant. There is hope. South Florida Transplant ...
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April 30, 2020
Podcast with our Transplant Nephrologist, Dr. Pranjal Jain
Watch this podcast with our Transplant Nephrologist, Dr. Pranjal Jain, talking about kidney transplant and Covid-19! What's the status at ...
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June 9, 2018
A Patient's Testimonial
Meet Kenneth. Ken was moving through his life like most of us. In some cases, even better. He developed the ...
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June 10, 2017
New score seeks to expand pool of kidneys available for transplant
Researchers analyzed data from thousands of transplants and developed a scoring system for donor kidneys that they hope might expand ...
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