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Kidney Stones

There are five different chemical types of kidney stones. We can prescribe a 24-hour urinalysis to determine the type based on chemical composition.

The five types are: 

  • Calcium oxalate (low oxalate diet)
  •  Calcium phosphate
  •  Uric acid stones (reduce meat in diet, may benefit from allopurinol and urine alkalinization)
  •  Struvite (associated with infections)
  •  Cystine stones (very rare; results from a genetic disorder)

After your first attack of kidney stones, there is an 80-90% chance of recurrence within the next 10 years. Knowing which kind of stone you are prone to can aid in choosing a diet that reduces or prevents recurrences.

For all stone types, the best lifestyle change to reduce recurrences is to restrict sodium and drink 3 liters or more of fluids per day.

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