FKP physician Parham Eftekhari, D.O., has been named the new Chairman of Internal Medicine at Broward Health Medical Center. Eftekhari is honored and humbled to take on new leadership responsibilities and continue to serve the largest medical center and hospital in Broward County.

Dr. Eftekhari's work in Florida Kidney Physicians

Dr. Eftekhari began consulting and teaching at Broward Health Medical Center along with other FKP physicians as soon as he joined FKP in 2011.

Eftekhari chose to work for FKP in part because FKP encourages doctors to spend “a lot of time with patients--a lot of clinic time, hospital time, all over Florida. We can really connect with the florida community.”

He appreciated not only the active role FKP takes in the community, but also its commitment to educating the next generation of medical practitioners by partnering with local teaching programs like the Residency program at Broward Health Medical Center.

After his first year practicing with FKP and teaching at Broward Health, Eftekhari was awarded the Broward Health Internal Medicine Residency Teacher of the Year Award in 2012.

As Eftekhari got to know the residents, physicians, and patients of internal medicine at Broward Health, he became involved in leadership. He was nominated and served as Secretary of Internal Medicine from 2015-2017, rose to Vice Chairman from 2017-2019, and is now the newly elected 2019 Chairman.

Eftekhari is grateful for the opportunity to serve as an advocate for patients, staff, and fellow physicians. “I look forward to working with medical staff to promote excellence in my department. I’m honored to be chosen as the voice of my department, and I will use my voice to encourage camaraderie among the physicians, continue providing the highest quality of care for patients, and to keep Broward Health the amazing resource that it is for so many people in our community.”

Nephrology specialization

Dr. Eftekhari earned his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Nova Southeastern University in 2006. He completed his residency in internal medicine at Yale University in 2009.

Deciding to specialize in nephrology, Eftekhari completed a fellowship in nephrology at The George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C, where he was awarded Fellow of the Year.

Eftekhari explains that he chose nephrology because “it encompassed all the traditional aspects of internal medicine, with a heavy emphasis on applying strategies of preventative care, such as controlling blood pressure, managing diabetes, and motivating patients to maintain their optimal health status.”

Reflecting on his years working for Florida Kidney and consulting at Broward Center, Eftekhari said, “I love my job because every day is a unique opportunity to help patients achieve appropriate kidney care. I particularly cherish the opportunity to gain the loyalty and trust of my patients in regard to finding the optimal medical treatment plan for their holistic and kidney health. The biggest joy I receive is watching my patients’ kidney health improve.”

With his leadership position as Chairman of Internal Medicine at Broward Health Medical Center, Eftekhari looks forward to ensuring that this major source of health care for the community continues to be a model of excellence and a place patients know they can turn to for devoted, empathetic, and qualified service.