Recently, Anita Finely of Boomer Times at the radio station interviewed Dr. Carlos Duran Martinez, MD, Nephrologist at Broward Health Imperial Point.

In the interview, Dr. Martinez addresses a series of kidney-related topics, including symptoms, causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Martinez: Kidney Problems in America

The interview begins with Dr. Martinez discussing the major causes of kidney problems in America. He talks about how these problems affect the functioning of the kidney.

The doctor speaks at length on the issue of kidney dialysis. He affirms that dialysis is a multi-disciplinary treatment that involves much more than many people think.

Although he agrees with Anita that the process can be scary, Dr. Martinez reiterates that this is the only way out for Stage 5 kidney patients who are not due for kidney transplants.

Dr. Martinez also discusses ways by which diabetes and high blood pressure can be addressed. The discussion focuses on how lifestyle and diet choices can affect the functioning of the kidney. The doctor advises against excessive intake of salt. He emphasizes the need for people to take more of fruits and fresh vegetables.

The interview ends with an in-depth analysis of the effects of smoking on the kidney.