Choosing Peritoneal Dialysis as your Initial Dialysis Modality - may waive your 3 month waiting period to obtain Medicare Benefits in patients with no Insurance at the initiation of Dialysis.

Medicare insurance

Many patients that have Chronic Kidney Disease stage 5 and about to start Dialysis have the added stresses of not having any Insurance.  If you are eligible for Medicare and you start dialysis you will be able to obtain Medicare insurance. When Medicare coverage begins depends on which type of Dialysis you are Initiated on.

For patients undertaking hemodialysis, there is a three-month waiting period before they are eligible for Medicare benefits. Patients who undertake peritoneal dialysis may waive the three-month waiting period.

Example 1: An individual begins routine hemodialysis in April 2009. He/she would have a three-month waiting period (April, May, and June) and would then be eligible for Medicare benefits on July 1, 2009.

Example 2: An individual begins routine peritoneal dialysis in April 2009. He/she could waive the three-month waiting period and Medicare eligibility would begin immediately.

Start Peritoneal Dialysis instead of Hemodialysis

If you are a patient that currently do not have insurance and is a candidate for Peritoneal Dialysis, making the decision to start Peritoneal Dialysis instead of Hemodialysis can be a good strategy to avoid large medical bills that would accumulate during a three month waiting period if the patient had chosen Hemodialysis.

Please visit us to help you chose the dialysis modality that is right for you. FKP staff and physicians will be able to advise you on what is best for your situation.