Exciting news: you may qualify for a new kidney disease medical research trial. If you are a patient with chronic kidney disease and are either type II diabetic or have protein in your urine, you may qualify to begin a research trial that Florida Kidney Physicians can help you enroll in.

By participating in the trail, you will be helping to advance the understanding of medication options for kidney disease patients, so that one day, all kidney patients may have a new treatment option.

The medical research

Nephrologists Dr. Kotzker and Dr. Yablon of Florida Kidney Physicians attended a 2019 investigator meeting in Miami about the clinical trial, which involves the drug Semaglutide, as well as research into GLP 1 inhibitors. Kotzker and Yablon look forward to sharing with their practice everything they learned, and enrolling eligible patients in the trail.

Participants will get the study medicine in a pen. They will use the pen to inject the medicine in a skin fold once a week. The study will close when there is enough information collected to show clear results. The average time participants will be in this study is about 3 to 5 years.

Participants will be randomized so that some will receive a placebo, or a substance made to resemble the drug that does not contain the active drug, to create a control group for the study.

When Dr. Kotzker was asked about the conference and FKP’s decision to help patients enroll in the trail, he said, “I’m so glad that FKP supports us in attending these conferences and staying on top of the latest innovations and research in nephrology. If the trail proves effective, a whole class of medications may become available that would help slow the progression of diabetic kidney disease.”