Many misconceptions and stereotypes are associated with meditation. Meditation is simply the process of training your mind to focus and teaching your mind how to redirect your thoughts.


Meditation has many benefits, including reducing stress, developing concentration, and lowering anxiety levels. Incorporating regular meditation into your daily routine can lead to drastic positive changes in both your mental and physical health!

Many different forms of meditation exist, which is why meditation itself is so accessible to different groups of people. Mindfulness meditation, self-inquiry meditation, and tai chi are all forms of meditation that offer tremendous health benefits. Choosing the form of meditation best for you takes trial and error, and depends on your daily schedule. However, any form of meditation can be beneficial to your mental and physical health.

What physical and mental benefits result from meditation?

First and foremost, meditation has been proven to reduce stress and ease anxiety. Mental and physical stress cause the release of cortisol, a hormone that causes inflammation and causes the negative effects of stress. Meditation reduces this inflammation response and greatly relieves stress.

Meditation also promotes emotional health and increases self awareness. Knowing yourself and being aware of those around you allow you to create positive change more effectively. Additionally, meditation improves sleep, helps control pain, helps decrease blood pressure, and can even help fight addictions.

Take five minutes out of your day today to try meditation, and see what effects meditation will have for you!