Kidney Friendly Recipes

What's for dinner? Do you love ceviche? This fresh, flavorful dish is the perfect seafood treat for a hot day in Florida. This ceviche shrimp recipe can be sources of protein in your renal diet. It is important to avoid smoked and canned fish because they may be high in sodium. Also, look for fresh shrimp that has never been frozen, and check the labels for added phosphates or salt. Ready? Let's have fun cooking this recipe!

Try this 30-minute kidney friendly recipe

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Helpful hints
Substitute one-quarter of a medium white onion for green onions if desired.
Serving suggestions:
Serve over a mixture of cooked rice and peas (2 cups cooked rice plus 1/3 cup boiled sweet green peas).
Serve as an appetizer with low sodium crackers.
Serve over fish as a salsa.