high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure of 140/90 or greater is considered to be High Blood Pressure.

Usually there are no symptoms and it’s very difficult to detect.
If left untreated, it can cause numerous consequences, such as: kidney failure, heart failure, stroke, peripheral vascular disease and death.


Your nephrologist will measure your blood pressure himself/herself—not a medical assistant or a nurse. It’s a quick procedure done with a manual blood pressure cuff for precision.
During the course of treatment, some patients may experience lightheadedness from normalizing blood pressure. In order to avoid it, we bring down the pressure gradually. If the prescribed medication is ineffective, the patient may need more than one or two medications

Prevention:high blood pressure doctor

  • Low salt diet
  • Active lifestyle
  • Avoid being over-weight
  • Avoid excessive alcohol intake
  • Propose measures to help prevent the problem

Most common questions our patients ask:

Question 1: Does stress play a role?

Stress can make your blood pressure worse, but it does not cause hypertension. In other words, stress can make things worse, but eliminating stress cannot cure you.

Question 2: Can something else cause high blood pressure?

Yes, other diseases/factors can play a role causing something called “secondary hypertension” or blood pressure from another cause. Depending on your circumstance: age/gender/onset/co-morbidities/labs there may be a reason why your blood pressure is high. We will look into the relevant causes which may include blood and urine tests as well as imaging tests.

Question 3: What kind of diet should I follow?

Low salt diet.

Question 4: Is it genetic?

Possibly, this has not been proven. However, hypertension tends to run in families.

Question 5: Can I just take a pill to make it better?

Often, it takes more than one pill to control your blood pressure. Also, lifestyle changes can have the effect of one medicine, so it is important to avoid things such as salt which can make your blood pressure worse.


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