A new tool for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients

Frequently, CKD patients nearing the start of dialysis can face several health issues requiring a trip to the ER. If the ER Doctor is unfamiliar with your kidney health vitals, several common medications and tests, such as a CAT Scan, could have an adverse effect on a CKD patient’s kidney function.

To help protect our CKD patients from the possibility of these adverse effects, FKP created the Kidney Passport allowing patients to effortlessly carry their personal kidney health vital labs with them and thereby inform any doctor anywhere in the world.

kidney passport

Why is the kidney passport so important?

The Kidney Passport is a compact document that fits in your wallet, contains all the vital lab information of your kidneys for the last 6 months and it’s stamped with FKP Doctors’ contact allowing any health care professional to call us anytime.

Our FKP Chronic Kidney Disease patients can rest assured knowing that if he is facing any health issue and presents in the ER, or other healthcare facility, their kidney health information is available and FKP doctors will be always there to ensure the best recovery with appropriate medication, studies and treatment plans.

Our main goal is prevention, education and advocacy. Finally, this simple tool gives our patients the means to remain informed of their kidney health and carry with them live-saving information that other healthcare professionals can rely on.

The FKP family remains committed to keeping kidneys healthy!