Dr. Parham Eftekhari was interviewed last night by CBS Miami Local about the record-high demand for Tylenol we are experiencing in South Florida.

Is it true the belief that Tylenol might be the best way to fight COVID-19?

Dr. Parham Eftekhari explained: “It is safer to use ‘Tylenol’ or acetaminophen for fever than NSAID”
He also recommended: “Try to stay away from the non-steroidal. Non-steroidal are good for arthritis, headaches, sometimes migraines, but prolonged use of it definitely has adverse outcomes for the heart and the kidneys.”

Eftekhari said research is still being done, but initial research shows drugs like ibuprofen could make COVID-19 worse for some patients:
“Use of anti-fever medication can actually inhibit some of the cell function that can portably worsen outcomes in COVID-19,” he said.

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