About Florida Kidney Physicians
• Florida Kidney Physicians is a Florida-based team of top-notch nephrologists.
• High-quality medical care.
• Combined, FKP providers have over 400 years of experience.
• Florida Kidney Physicians provides treatment ranging from general nephrology and hypertension, to dialysis, transplant care and clinical research.
• 15 locations across the Tampa Bay area and Southeast Florida.
• FKP Providers are affiliated with 26 different hospitals across the state.
• By joining FKP, patients gain access to a sophisticated network of dedicated physicians committed to improving the lives of their patients in the broadest sense.

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Our team at Florida Kidney Physicians takes pride in our professionalism and accessibility. We understand the profound effect that kidney disease can have on a person’s life, and are committed to providing not only the highest quality treatment, but a comprehensive support system to minimize the impact on patients’ day-to-day lives. In the following series of short testimonials, patients talk about their experience with Florida Kidney Physicians, speaking to the value of close doctor-patient relationships, quality care, and the capacity to improve lives and inspire hope.